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Innovation in Filing and Storage Systems.


EUN GROUP was established in 1974 in Beasain (Gipuzkoa, the Basque Country), specialising from its very outset in the development of classification and storage systems for space optimisation and management.

Eun Group currently has four companies:

EunSistemas S.L (headquarters), Eun Madrid s.l. ,Eun México S.A. de C.V,  and EunSotrage AB located inBeasain (Gipuzkoa), Madrid, Mexico and Sweden, respectively, and also has a presence worldwide.


Quality, design and technology are some of the essential features to be taken into account when planning our storage structures and systems. In EUN GROUP wetake care of project studies, design, manufacture, marketing, assembly and after-sale service of all types of classification and storage system projects, and provide a comprehensive service.


At  EUN GROUP we provide a customised technical consultation service, making each of the projects we work on unique, due to being adapted to the specific space characteristics and resources of each customer.

We offer solutions for projects with the purpose of optimising the space designated for filing and storage in any environment. Our in-house technical equipment, along with our extensive professional experience (since 1976), makes us specialists in turnkey projects.

Despite working on a diverse range of projects, we specialise in Retail, Library, Offices,  Archives, Museum and Healthcare solutions. Key features of our product range are our mobile and rolling storage systems, which were designed with the purpose of generating new spaces as well as creating new storage opportunities. This mobile storage system allows the easy transfer of modules, thus creating spaces where these are required and duplicating the amount of space storage in terms of “static” storage systems.


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