Innovative solutions in store fittings & exhibition systems.


REVERS is aconsolidated European manufacturer with a recognized professional experience as manufacturer and designer ofexhibition systems for Retail interiors, Contract and Home installations.

At REVERS we offer quality products, our own R&D team that develops patented products, with which we manage to create aesthetic projects andfunctional designs that follow the latest international trends with versatility and adaptability.


REVERS’s product portfolio is divided in three unit: ALU-RAIL®, glass-SPOT® and Display solutions.

Our flagship product is ALU-RAIL® system, elegant aluminum designed systemthat acts as a second skin on your walls and it’s wide range of accessories. Including innovative illuminated shelf & systems.

glass-SPOT® is a range of display solutions with LED lighting whose main characteristic is the setting to the display window glass. Maximum freedom of exposure, surprise effect on the client bringing the exposed items to the spotlight.

And last but not least, the capacity to personalize innovative, creative and functional display solutions to brands, retail chains, and agencies.



Retail: technology, sports, health & beauty, fashion stores.

Contract: Libraries and museums


product & services


ALU-RAIL® accessories

Illuminated melamine, glass and methacrylate shelfs.

LED Technology

visual solutions


Circular Display



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Calle Irule, Edificio Belasco – Nº 66-67-68
20303 IRUN -Gipuzkoa (Spain)
Tel.: (34) 943 64 20 64
Fax: (34) 943 64 16 08