Azkue Pharmacy - Restyling -

by REVERS Space in progress

Under the experienced leadership of Deñe, from the ARKIBIDE decoration studio, spectacular restyling work was carried out in the gunmaking city of Eibar.

This work was performed in record time, since speed was one of the owner’s main premises, in addition to aesthetics and keeping costs down.

On one hand, at the Azkue sisters’ pharmacy, vinyl materials with a concrete finish were joined to the road surface already in existence. On the other hand, our patented ALU-RAIL® System was put in place, with a natural matte anodised finish and transparent glass shelving. Lastly, fir strips with an ultra-matte finish around the entire upper perimeter, back and front of the countertop gave the finishing touch.

The ensemble brings three different kinds of elements together in a perfect way, subtly, harmoniously and organically.

This is truly a pharmacy concept with soul.

Azkue Pharmacy Restyling by REVERS